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20,000 Chinese Nationals Cross in Four Months – a Fifth Column?

With so many military-aged men from terrorist states and foreign militaries coming into this country illegally and let loose to “go wherever,” it’s a valid question every American should be asking – Why aren’t Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas being investigated for treason?

We’re talking tens of thousands of Chinese nationals in the last four months alone. Representative Mark Green was recently asked at a press conference to confirm these reports – and he confirmed.

Coincidently, China’s “Chairman” recently said China must “Fight ‘escalating oppression’ from the West.”

That’s not a phrase taken from the song Kumbaya.

20,000 Chinese nationals entering our country in four months has all the earmarks of a Fifth Column, and nobody in D.C. seems to want to do anything about it.

Waving such people into the country should be considered treasonous.

Do we have ANY legislators who will step up and prioritize putting a stop to this? If they don’t, the Bleeding Hearts may end up with bleeding hearts.


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