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AOC was a Poor Recruit – She Doesn’t Have a Clue

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Bronx Bartender who auditioned for and was chosen by the Socialist group, Justice Democrats to run for Congress, recently regurgitated multiple left wing talking points into one dump-and-bake recipe. Here’s some of what she said


It’s not a border crisis, it’s an imperialism crisis. It’s a climate crisis, It’s a trade crisis. And also, it’s a carceral crisis.

This is not a surge. These are children, and they are not insurgents. And we are not being invaded, which by the way, is a white supremacist idea.

Imperialism? Climate? White Supremacy?

Oh – and Children?

If AOC had the intellectual honesty to check the government’s own data, she would see – in picture form so even she could understand – the number of single adults crossing is far higher than the number of children.

Even Left-wing media outlets report that more than 300,000 people crossed the US border just in the month of December in 2023, and more than two thirds (69%) of those who crossed were single adults.

Why would AOC tell us they were children?

It could be said that AOC is lying, but it’s probably much more accurate to say the Bronx Bartender is good at memorizing socialist talking points. Other than that, she doesn’t have a clue about what she’s talking about.


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