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Americans vs. Globalists – It’s not About Trump

Regardless of the letter after someone’s name (‘D’ or ‘R’), anymore, today’s politicians are either Americans or Globalists.
Let’s listen to one of the globalists:
Joe Biden: “The world has changed because of what Trump has done.”
He’s not wrong. But Biden says it as if it were a bad thing. Truth is, Trump’s presence on the world stage threw a wrench in the globalists’ operations, and they hate him for it.
They had to dump out their bag of dirty tricks to get him out of office, and to smear him as an insurrectionist. And, it’s why they will continue to pull out all the stops to keep him from returning to the world stage – because his “America First” principles will continue to get in the way of their globalist plans.
Fact is, it doesn’t matter it it’s Donald Trump, Steamboat Willie, Mother Theresa, or you. Globalists don’t want people interfering in their plans. That’s why they’ll treat parents who want a say in their kid’s education as domestic terrorists.
It’s not about Trump. Anyone who slows down the globalists’ plans will be smeared and vilified.

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