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Are Facts About 5G Suppressed?

The phrase “your money or your life” is commonly associated with robbery. But with 5G telecommunication towers, we might be talking both your money AND your life. 

People will pay for 5G. We’re talking $1.5 TRILLION added to the U.S. economy by 2025, and more than 4 million new jobs. As you can imagine, opposing THOSE numbers is political suicide. 

Except we’re talking about your money AND your life, and an increasing body of data shows that 5G leads to DNA damage and disease. The number of adverse health issues looks to be quite large – including for bees. But many cities don’t employ people with the knowledge base needed to evaluate the safety of 5G towers. 

Well, some cities are taking notice. Stamford, Connecticut recently rejected an agreement that would have allowed 5G equipment in their city, because the damage to people and bees looks to be significant. 

Telecommunication companies want your money – and we want our convenience. But what about our lives?  

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