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Julie Tru

55 Million Phones Were – and May Still Be – Monitored by the CDC

, the data collected allowed to CDC to identify a specific individual’s behavior. They could map out a person’s specific route from place to place to place, they could tell if neighbors were getting together, and they knew when people crossed state lines – and whether those people adhered to a state’s quarantine policies. How soon we have forgotten about all the draconian restrictions.

Corporate Strategy in the Age of AI

Dr. Daniel Bobinski interviews Justin Mitson, technologist and author of Corporate Strategies in the Age of AI joins me to discusses a wide range of business and ethical issues critical for leaders to understand how Artificial Intelligence fits the real world.


informed consent has been perplexingly absent in the COVID-19 universe. Informed consent has long been the gold standard and is an important “ethical and legal requirement for medical treatment.”

Cultural Marxism Is slowly destroying America

Cultural Marxism a philosophy has taken over the US and has integrated itself within the fabric Western society. Dr. Alan Keys and authors Darrly Brooks and Stephen Martino discuss marxism the topic of their powerful handbook Welcome To America