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Blue states allowing DACA to be police

Laws have recently passed in ‘virtuous’ blue states like California, Colorado, and Illinois allowing DACA recipients – those who’ve come here in violation of our nation’s laws – to apply for jobs in law enforcement.

Seems legit.

It has never been legal for someone in the country illegally to be a police officers or deputy sheriffs because they’re not yet citizens. There is an essential government function being carried out when a police officer is entrusted to make snap decisions about the law, such as the use of deadly force or whether you get to exercise your constitutional rights.

Because, you know – people crossing the border illegally are so steeped in the idea of the rule of law.

But now, if you’ve entered the country in violation of our laws before you were 16, it’s okay.

Naturally, those who’ve been force fed socialist ideology in our schools are going to think this is perfectly fine. That is, until they’re the ones being arrested and thrown in jail by someone who came to the country illegally.