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California NOW has pirates

In the last half of the last century, visiting the Bay area in California was awesome. But after decades of Leftist politicians running it into the ground, it’s become, well, unsafe.

Smash and grab robberies happen often, and the streets are referred to as “Third World” even by people who are from the Third World.

But lately, pirates have been ransacking small boats – and even stealing them. They’ll steal whatever they can get their hands on, including outboard motors which can sell for thousands on the black market.

According to Natural News, many of the pirates appear to be local homeless people who live in public places like Union Point Park, which locals curiously say has an increased population of small boats tied up lately.

Not sure it helped that in 2021, Oakland’s City Council voted to defund the police, stripping their budget of more than $17 million dollars. Nor that their District Attorney is soft on crime.

But hey – California now has pirates! Just not the Johnny Depp type.