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Daniel Bobinski

Fight the Fear Machine with Dr Jason Dean

Fighting the Fear Machine

Fighting the Fear Machine. Dr. Jason Dean Exposes the Medical Industrial Complex’s “Consensus” Narrative and the Omission of Respected Medical Professionals.

Are Our Republics Morphing Into Interventionist Oligarchies?

A recent story at the Epoch Times quoted California’s Dear Leader Gavin Newsome talking about new legislation that will control California’s oil companies. This legislation creates new regulations and extensive oversight for oil companies, and states that an appointed commission will be created to issue fines and penalties for oil companies earning profits beyond state-imposed limits.

Nashville School Shooter a 28-Year-Old Biological Female with He/Him Pronouns

e Metro Nashville Police confirmed that three adults and three children (one 8-year-old and two 9-year-olds) were fatally shot inside Covenant School by Hale before Hale was fatally shot by police. Security footage was released showing Hale shooting her way into the school and then roaming the halls looking for victims.

55 Million Phones Were – and May Still Be – Monitored by the CDC

, the data collected allowed to CDC to identify a specific individual’s behavior. They could map out a person’s specific route from place to place to place, they could tell if neighbors were getting together, and they knew when people crossed state lines – and whether those people adhered to a state’s quarantine policies. How soon we have forgotten about all the draconian restrictions.