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Impeachment Inquiry? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: McCarthy: Impeachment Inquiry Next Poll: Biden Too Old Bob Barker Dies Masks Expose Wearers to Toxic Chemicals Ceiling Fans Get the Bidenomics Treatment

Fake Names Creepy Joe? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Biden Used a Pseudonym in Ukraine Airline Pilot Dies Mid Flight Creepy Joe Speaks. It’s Creepy. Sound of Freedom Earns More Than Indiana Jones A Fishy Power Outage

Tony Bennett Passes Away – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Tony Bennett Passes Away Ramaswamy Outlines What He Will Do to 3-Letter Agencies RFK Jr. on Censorship Omar on Climate

Supreme Court Landmarks – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Supremes Issue Landmark Decisions Third Day For French Riots Actor Alan Arkin Dies What’s THAT in the Hallway?

REINS Act Passes – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: House Passes REINS Act Schiff censure Fails Academy Award Winner Glenda Jackson Dies Bud Light Ends Reign at #1 Biden says he’s building a railroad across the ocean