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Team Trump Moves – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Trump Team Proposes 2026 Trial Date Trump to Other Republican Candidates: Drop Out Newt Speaks Truth Project Veritas Lays Off Staff Now You Can Tour San Francisco Squalor

Fake Names Creepy Joe? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Biden Used a Pseudonym in Ukraine Airline Pilot Dies Mid Flight Creepy Joe Speaks. It’s Creepy. Sound of Freedom Earns More Than Indiana Jones A Fishy Power Outage

Deadliest in a Century – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Maui Death toll Tops 100 Book About Maui Fire Published During Fire We Now Know Who Is in Charge Don’t Let A.I Cook

“No Comment” – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: Special Council Appointment a Joke Maui Fire Death Toll Nears 100 Biden on Fires: No Comment US Will Suck CO2 From Air Elon VS Zuck Probably Off Is That a FROG in My Salad?

Lahaina Death Toll Rises – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Maui Fire Death Toll Rises COVID Jabs May Cause Rapid Onset Dementia Impeachment Resolution Filed Against Joe Bribe-den WHAT is in the Toilet?

Joe Bribe-den – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Bribeden Family Received Millions From Russian Oligarchs Uh, Looks Like The White House Cocaine WAS A Biden’s Bidenomics: Americans Rack Up More Credit Card Debt Than Ever AI Can Figure Out Your Password American Indians Petition NFL to… Read More »Joe Bribe-den – firstforia