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Another Indictment – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Trump Says He Will Be Indicted Again White House: Abortion Sacred Obligation Johnny the Walrus Trolls Alaskans

NOBODY DID IT! – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: Nobody Did it! Wray Can’t Define “Disinformation” The Bidenspeak Strikes Again Iconic Brewery to Close After 127 Years Can Men Get Pregnant?

Thanks For The Heads Up, Joe! – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Biden Broadcasts to the World: We’re Low on Ammo Floods Deluge New York Netherlands Government Collapses Dutch Miss Universe: Dude (Doesn’t) Looks Like a Lady

Supreme Court Landmarks – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Supremes Issue Landmark Decisions Third Day For French Riots Actor Alan Arkin Dies What’s THAT in the Hallway?

CNN Interference Scam – firstforia

Today’s Stories: CNN Airs Trump Recording with “Secret Documents” Trump Praises RFK Jr. Kamala Harris: Least Liked VP in History Levine: Pride “Month” Not Enough How Many Dolly Partons?