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Female Students Lose Rights, Must Tolerate Male Students’ Sexual Fantasies

At a time when students in Asia are taught gun safety, female students in America are told that if they’re uncomfortable with boys using their locker rooms they should just leave the locker room.

Such is the policy at Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson, Arizona, where parents learned that so-called “transgender” students can use the bathroom or locker room of their choice and tells students who are uncomfortable with the policy to request an accommodation.

As reported in the Daily Caller, Eileen Jackson, president of the Catalina Foothills School District governing board, says the district’s Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity policy provides for this “requirement.”

Many students are uncomfortable with the policy and are wondering how the school can claim it is preventing discrimination when their own policy forces girls to leave their own locker room.

The school district is saying no students are isolated based on any protected status, and that students who are uncomfortable sharing multiple-occupancy facilities simply need to request an accommodation.

It should be noted that Catalina Foothills School District is the same district that made the news recently when Mark Rubin-Toles, Principal of Orange Grove Middle School, sent an email to his teachers and staff reminding them about student pronoun choices and what can and can’t be shared with families.

This practice mirrors a situation in Idaho, where more than 1,000 parents and concerned citizens showed up to a Caldwell School District Board meeting to oppose a proposed policy that would:

  • Allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms aligning with their gender identity
  • Protect students from being denied participation in overnight trips due to their sexual orientation
  • Require district staff to use a student’s preferred name and pronouns
  • Protect students’ privacy with regard to personal information, such as sexual orientation and legal name
  • Protect the rights of same-sex couples to attend school activities, including dances, and prohibit general discrimination against those couples

Idaho’s new Attorney General, Raul Labrador, responded to the proposed policy by tweeting that it appears to violate Idaho law.

Parents looking for alternatives to the Woke indoctrination occurring in classrooms across the country are increasingly looking at homeschooling and online private schools.