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Fighting the Fear Machine

The Medical Industrial Complex pushes “consensus, yet they omit input from highly respected medical professionals if the data that’s brought by those professionals does not support “the narrative.”

Recently on Keep the Republic TV, Dr. Jason Dean tears down the “consensus” argument and then delivers the autopsy report.

Dr. Jason Dean is the founder, creator, and owner of BraveTV, which aims to educate people on health, wealth, and freedom. He is a physician, husband, father, and patriot.

In this following interview, a few of the topics you’ll hear us discuss are:

  • The folly of wearing masks to stop a pathogen, and the fear-mongering and gaslighting that occurred to manipulate the population.
  • “The law of the terrain” — A better explanation of how our immune systems work to beat back invaders.
  • The Fear Machine. The overwhelming number of people died not from Covid-19, but from complications stemming from their comorbidities.
  • Over-the-counter supplements known to be effective in minimizing the likelihood of viral replication.
  • Over-the-counter supplements that minimize the likelihood of damage if one has been jabbed, as well as minimize the damage one might suffer from being around others who received the jab.
  • Lifestyle activities that reinforce one’s immune system.

And much, much more!

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