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Gavin Newsom Appoints the First Black Lesbian to Congress

In case you had any doubts about what America might expect from a “President” Gavin Newsome, the far-left radical California governor recently appointed a far-left- radical to fill the Senate seat vacated by the dearly departed Diane Feinstein.

Newsom appointed Laphonza Butler to the seat – a pro-abortion activist, and former advisor to failed presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Hilary Clinton.

You may recall White House Occupant Biden violating US law by purposefully selecting a person for a job based on gender and skin color.  

Turns out Newsome said he would do the same thing …. and he did.

SHHHH!   Don’t tell ‘em: It’s illegal to hire based on skin color or gender.

By the way, Newsome went the extra mile with this appointment, as Butler will be the first Black lesbian to serve in Congress.

Intersectionality runs strong with this one.

Like I said – now you know what kind of cabinet members and ambassadors and supreme court appointments a (COUGH) President Newsom would appoint.  

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