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Get this: Climate Change is Causing a Large Number of Excess Deaths

If your intent is to use falsehoods to gain control over people, you need to influence those in high places to repeat your story – and do it with authority.
Let’s see how they’re using this with all the reports about excess deaths.
To clarify, excess deaths is a term used in public health and epidemiology referring to the number of deaths exceeding the usual number of deaths.
Since the rollout of a “certain medication” that many thought should have been mandatory, excess deaths in America are about 5.5 percent higher than the baseline. For 2023, medical organizations in America report that just by the end of July, we’ve had more than 36,000 excess deaths.
How are they explaining this? Believe it or not, much of the blame goes to Climate Changed! And to toss white privilege into the mix, we’re told that people who are NOT white are at the highest risk of heart attack or stroke due to bad weather.
Oh – that white privilege!
If you have more than a couple of brain cells you know where this is going.

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