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Good Reasons RFK Jr. May Run as an Independent

According to Natural News, Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. promises to “look at other options” if democrat party bosses won’t allow fair and free primaries.

The article, by Brighteon Founder Mike Adams, says if the DNC refuses, we expect to see RFK Jr. go all-in with an independent candidacy.

At a recent town hall event, RFK, Jr. said, “I’m a Constitutionalist I believe the Constitution should be defended.” And, that the government’s effort to silence critics equates to a “systematic dismantling of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.”

Uhhh, yeah.

Kennedy also described the authoritarian system as “turnkey totalitarianism,” stating,

“They can shut off your bank account. They can starve you to death. They can kick you out of your house. It’s not theoretical. They did this to the Canadian truckers so they couldn’t buy food for their children. If the government has the capacity to starve you to death, they have the capacity to turn you into a slave.”

He’s not wrong.