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Gov’t and Media Give Disinformation but Get No Punishment

We’re told that disinformation is bad because it lowers our trust in government, media, and science institutions.

I agree.

Remember in 2019 when the media said Covington Catholic students wearing MAGA hats were harassing Native Americans? Well, those reports were full of disinformation. And because of the media’s disinformation, the students got death threats.

Thankfully, they sued the Washington Post and CNN for hundreds of millions of dollars and won big time.

Perhaps we’d have more trust in government, media, and science institutions if they didn’t feed us so much disinformation. You know –

Trump colluded with Russians

2020 had the most secure election in history

January 6th was an insurrection

Hunter Biden didn’t abandon his laptop

You won’t get sick if you get the shot

Climate change is going to kill us all

The government, media, and science institutions put out a lot of disinformation. So maybe they all need to spend some time in Facebook jail.

Twenty years oughta do it.

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