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Iran, Israel, and America – the Ride Could Get Quite Bumpy

The recent military flareup of Hamas attacking Israel has not only increased tensions in the region, it has increased the potential for worldwide military conflict. Worse yet, it has the distinct possibility of bringing the United States to its knees. Nothing is for sure, and opinions are mixed, but the looming possibility of significant global turmoil exists.

Here are some opinions that have been circulating among my sources:

Iran’s motives

Lets’ start with Iran’s motives. They’ve long been aiming for a confrontation with both Israel and the US, and it’s likely they now see an open opportunity for multiple wins. They’ve been watching Russia’s success in Ukraine – essentially a U.S. proxy war – and they presently believe America to be weak. A weakened America means it’s a good time to strike. Why? They’ve been viewing America as a threat to their own national security due to our government imposing ongoing sanctions against them. Plus, they’re tired of our multiple military interventions in the Middle East.

If Iran asserts itself and America’s response does not rise to meet their challenge, they position themselves to be the region’s premier defender of Islam and a premier power in the Middle East overall.

At the same time, with so many countries having previously stated they wish to erase Israel from the face of the earth, Iran stands to gain much respect in the region for taking out everyone’s common enemy. That said, calmer thinking does exist in the Middle East, as demonstrated by the United Arab Emirates denouncing the attack on Israel.

America’s Response

Several scenarios have been proffered regarding America’s response, but all lead to weakened U.S. stability.

Some say that the stated depletion of American weapons and ammunition due to us supplying Ukraine is not true – that America would never allow its stockpiles to reach such a low level as to leave America vulnerable.  This camp believes that America will take a much more active role in an Israeli conflict than in the Ukrainian one, and force will be shown in a way not seen in a long time.

Others say the depletion statements are true, and that America can’t provide Israel as much support as Israel might like.

Either way, this much is true: America is currently $33 trillion in debt. We pay nearly a trillion annually in interest alone, and still, the White House occupant and our elected representatives in Washington D.C. keep spending our great-grandchildren’s money as if they were drunken sailors. Washington’s reckless spending has contributed to some of the worst inflation we’ve seen since Jimmy Carter’s disastrous policies of the 1970’s.

What I’m saying is that another war would force the U.S. Government to print even more money – which would increase inflation even more, further leading to economic decline.

Add to that Biden’s disastrous energy policies, which caused America to go from being a net oil exporter back to being an oil importer. Because the laws of supply and demand sent gas prices through the roof, Biden drew down from the country’s strategic oil reserves to combat rising pump prices. If Iran decides to place mines in the Strait of Hormuz, global energy supplies would become even more crunched and the world’s energy situation would become critical. Those ripple-effects would magnify America’s inflation and add significant stress to our society.  

A global recession

Let’s face it. A significant increase in inflation and an accelerated economic decline in the U.S. would have a major effect on the global economy, leading to a global recession. That scenario falls right into the hands of the global elites, who will be all-too-ready to provide the top-down elitist solutions they’ve been creating for decades.

Think about it. A recession leads to a reduction in investments, which leads to an increase in job losses. The resulting reduced demand for products and services leads to even more job losses, and thus, less output. Lower GDP and lower consumption keeps feeding this downward spiral, until bankruptcies increase and businesses close – thus putting even more people out of work.

Societal unrest

When people can’t feed their families or get essential medications, they tend to get a little edgy. It would not take long for riots to return – not just to American cities, but all around the world.

Plus, with America’s southern border resembling more of a wind-tunnel than a wall, blowing people into the country with no concern whatsoever for established protocols, we have no idea how many sleeper cells have slipped into the country unnoticed.  

Should America come to Israel’s defense, terrorist sleeper cells could start unleashing their activities on our own soil. This would not only create chaos, it would also pit Americans against each other, because some would demand we stop all involvement to appease the terrorists.  History shows this is never a good idea, but some would press for it anyway.

The China factor

For several years, Chinese military brass has been telling its troops to prepare for war with the United States. Even President Xi has told his army to “focus all its energy on fighting” in preparation for war.

America would be foolish to ignore the “what if” scenarios. What if Iran’s actions trigger turmoil in the US as described above, and what if China sees America fall into such disarray that the Chinese Communist Party perceives it to be a perfect time to invade Taiwan?

Not only would that stretch our military’s capabilities to the breaking point, what if the thousands of military-aged single Chinese who’ve entered our country illegally the past three years also turn out to be sleeper cells? Acts of terrorism or sabotage committed by such cells would not only eat up our community resources, they would result in societal strain and tension the likes of which this country has never experienced.

Solutions await

Whatever happens as a result of the current Middle East hostilities, we can be sure that two solutions will be presented, and globalists from both without and within America will advocate for them.

  1. We will be pressured to accept The Great Reset. The World Economic Forum and all of their collaborative organizations will press hard to begin their Great Reset. In reality, their solution is a modified global communism, but as with all communism, the majority of people will reject it until their living conditions get so bad that the communist poison appears to be the only viable solution. The phrase “Build Back Better” did not emerge organically.
  2. We will be told a two-state solution is the only answer for the Middle East conflict. For years, Palestinian land west of the Jordan has been touted as the only way to create lasting peace in the region. Such a division would create separate Israeli and Palestinian states, but as mentioned earlier, extremist Muslims in the region have long wanted to wipe Israel completely off the map.

Since extremist Muslims want Israel completely gone, you can bet dollars to donuts that a “land for peace” deal will not appease them, it will only empower them. Hamas is a Palestinian militant group that has been trained, funded, and armed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Their hatred for Israel will not disappear because Israel decides to give them a little land.

America’s future

The aggression of Hamas – and by default, Iran – should be a wake-up call to anyone in our nation’s capital who claims to be a Constitution-loving American. Several decisions should be adopted immediately.

First, stop the spending. Constitution-loving representatives must stop caring how they’ll get treated by their Marxist colleagues and the similarly minded media and start doing the right thing: refuse any more spending. There’s no other way to say it – “We don’t have the money.” That means the globalists / Marxists in the media will excoriate them and representatives may serve only one term as a result. But better to do the right thing for the country than the right thing for a re-election bid.

Second, absolutely say “NO” to a two-state solution for Israel. I say this not only because it will be a total façade, but because of the Biblical implications. The Bible is not just a book for the faithful to learn about the strength, love, and mercies of God. It is a history book that has never been disproven, no matter how hard people have tried. And believe me, many have tried.

The Scriptures are clear that God gave Abraham the land, not only for him, but for his descendants, and his descendants are the Nation of Israel. Any country that acts against the will of God is inviting wrath upon itself.  

America is already on the tipping point. I shudder to think what would happen to this country if its leaders decided to ignore/defy the will of God and pushed to divide Israel. If America, Israel’s greatest ally, attempts to divide Israel, I predict God will divide America in similar fashion.

No matter what happens, I advise all Americans to buckle up and get right with God. It’s likely the ride is about to get rather bumpy.