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Is Hillary in Heat?

If there’s one thing globalists/totalitarians are good at, it’s fearmongering. Let’s listen to Hillary Clinton spew manufactured numbers designed to manipulate our minds: 

Hillary Clinton: 

The deaths that are related to climate, by far the biggest killer is extreme heat. 

They recorded 61,000 because of the heat in Europe. 

The biggest killer is heat? 61,000 deaths? Sorry Hillary. No consensus exists on heat mortality and cold mortality. Over a 30-year period, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration classified an average of 134 annual heat-related deaths, and 30 from cold. Yet in the same article, a CDC’s study showed 670 annual deaths heat, and 1,300 from cold. 

That’s twice as many deaths from cold. 

And NO number comes anywhere close to 61,000 deaths in one summer. 

Hillary Clinton is simply a professional at manufactured fearmongering. 


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