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Is the Science Settled Yet?

You know how we’re told to trust doctors and “the science?”
In 1968, the American Heart Association recommended no more than 3 eggs per week – because of cholesterol and cardiovascular risk.
Well, as you can imagine, people trusted the science they were told, and there was a sharp drop in egg sales. So egg farmers started doing science of their own. We were told egg whites were okay, but not the yolks.
Then the American Heart Association — which is the same organization that told us eggs were bad – found that an egg a day leads to a lower risk of heart disease and stroke!
Following that, yet another study found that eating AT LEAST TWELVE EGGS A WEEK for THREE MONTHS did NOT increase cardiovascular risk.
In fact, eggs are now referred to as, “nature’s multivitamin,” and a superfood.
So 55 years ago, our trusted doctors told us eggs were evil. Five years ago, they told us eggs are great.
I guess the science wasn’t settled.
You might wanna keep that in mind the next time some high profile doctor tells you to “trust the science.”

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