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Joe Biden Creates the ‘Climate Corps’

By Daniel Bobinski

White House Occupant Joseph Robinette “I’ve got hairy legs” Biden has signed an executive order to establish the “American Climate Corps” to fight global warming.

The initiative will mobilize more than 20,000 Americans to fight climate change.

This new program will direct billions of your tax money and my tax money into federal workforce training. This will create an army of “woke” eco-warriors will be trained to work on conservation, clean energy, and “environmental justice” projects.  

Who pushed for this?  Dozens of Climate groups whose leaders can now have job security with Joseph giving them our tax money.

The White House said no prior experience is required for Climate Corps applicants. This ought to make a lot of woke kids that are being indoctrinated in our government schools jump and down with excitement.  And I’m sure Joe Biden with be very happy about that.

Joe Biden:  “I’ve learned about kids jumping on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap.”

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