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Lies and Growing Numbers at the Border

By Bob Richards

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s job description must be lying to the public. It’s what she does every single day. The whole administration is built on lies:

”Joe Biden got the most votes of any person in history”

“Inflation is transitory”

”The vaccines work”

”Joe Biden is in charge”

I could go on and on, but here is the one lie even professional liar Karine Jean-Pierre knows is just too much:

“When it comes to illegal migration, you have seen it come down by more than 90%, and that’s because of the actions that this president has taken.”

Yes. Those are the words of Karine Jean-Pierre, Joe Biden’s press secretary. As she spewed that whopper, she looked down, her eyes fluttering open and closed wildly.

It’s a blatant lie and she knows that we all know it.

Customs and Border Patrol estimates report that between 7,500 – 8,000 people a day are apprehended after crossing the border illegally. That’s more than two and a half million a year.

One of the first things the Biden regime did after seizing control was stop construction of the Border wall, and open the gates that are in the existing border wall.

In 2019, when we had a different President, Customs and Border Patrol says that an average of 4,645 crossed each day.

Rather than decrease 90%, it looks like illegal immigration has actually increased nearly 90%.

With the promise of free everything from those on the Left, illegal immigrants have been flooding into the United States. But now, even the Democrat mayors of major cities like New York and Chicago are begging for it to stop. Yet with Title 42 slated to expire in less than a week, Customs and Border Patrol expects those numbers to increase by 2,500 each day. When that happens, daily illegal crossings will have more than doubled since the time of the Trump administration.

The Administration says it is sending active-duty troops to the border, but that is only an attempt to look like they are doing something. The troops sent will be hobbled. They will not be able to apprehend anyone and will be nothing more than paper pushers.

The truth is that the border is exactly the way that Obama – er, rather, Biden wants it: overrun.

This is nothing short of an invasion, and the Biden regime – along with its fluttery-eyed spokesperson – is complicit.