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Mandating Armed Guards at Chicago Businesses is Not the Solution They Need

This week a Democrat citizen in Illinois named Thaddeus Jones, who was elected to hold office as a lawmaker, proposed legislation that would mandate Chicago business owners hire armed guards to protect themselves from being robbed.

Wait.  Doesn’t Chicago have some of the strictest gun laws in the country? You know, because guns are bad? And lead to more murders?

How’s that working for them?  Even with their gun laws, Chicago also has the most murders of any city in the country.

Chicago has had Democrat mayors for more than 90 years, and this is what their policies have led to.

But actually, it’s more than that. It’s just conjecture, but it’s my guess that Mr. Jones has not read the U.S. Constitution in a long, long time. And probably never read his state’s constitution – let alone the papers written by our country’s founders, and how they believed, as John Adams wrote, that our form of Government was for a religious and moral people – that it is wholly unsuitable for governing any other type of people.

He also probably doesn’t know that a letter written by Thomas Jefferson was taken out of context by the Supreme Court, and they interpreted it to mean the exact opposite of what Jefferson intended. Read the letter exchange for yourself.

And he probably doesn’t know the Court totally ignored the writings of John Jay, our nation’s first Supreme Court Chief Justice, who said it was “The duty, as well as privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.

None of our Founders said one had to be a Christian to be an American. But look what happened to the rates of violent crime in our country when prayer was taken out of schools.

Just the mere acknowledgment that a Supreme Ruler of the Universe might exist – who knows your every thought and motive – was impacting decisions on whether to commit violent acts.

This data is real.  Violent crime skyrocketed when prayer was removed from schools.

The data is also real that violent crime goes up where gun laws are enacted.

I don’t question their heart.  People who passed gun laws in Chicago wanted fewer people to die. But the data isn’t supporting their solution.  In fact, quite the opposite.

And now Mr. Jones wants to mandate companies hire armed guards to have shootouts with people who don’t obey the law?

Maybe this Illinois Democrat – proposing a solution that won’t work – to fix a solution that didn’t work – should consider instead something we know worked: encouraging families to pray. You know, acknowledging that there might be a Being who knows our every thought and motive.