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Marxist Ideology is Being Taught to Our Military Personnel

What is DEI? It stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Essentially:

  • Diversity means hiring people based on physical attributes or sexual preferences instead of skill sets.
  • Equity is not about equal opportunity, but equal outcomes, regardless of effort or skills.
  • Inclusion addresses the methods by which the first two are brought about, so everyone feels included – unless you’re a white, able-bodied heterosexual middle-aged, English-speaking Christian male. Then inclusion doesn’t apply.

It’s bad enough that this socialist / Marxist mindset is being pumped into our kids at school, and that companies now hire diversity officers, but our US Military? Yes. It’s being taught there.

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier WAS part of the Space Force, but he was terminated for writing a book that called attention to how DEI training was damaging our military. In that book he specifically criticized the DEI trainings, and said they were illegally occurring at his base. He also pointed out how DEI is rooted in critical race theory and Marxist ideology.

Lohmeier submitted a complaint, but it was dismissed by higher officials. He warned that DEI initiatives divide troops and sow animosity towards the country.

In Lohmeier recent testimony before Congress, he said, “I watched DEI trainings divide our troops ideologically and, in some cases, sow the seeds of animosity toward the very country they had sworn an oath to defend.”

Lohmeier previously spoke about the dangers of the woke agenda in the military, claiming it weakens and divides the armed forces, compromising national security. He emphasized that service members should focus on their mission of protecting national security rather than engaging in political discussions.

At question – do we really want this Marxist ideology being taught to our military?


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