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Marxists are Using CPR to Keep Racism Alive

Marxists tell us that American capitalism succeeded on the backs of slaves. Well, prior to the Civil War, slavery had been banned in northern states, yet the North produced 17 times more cotton and wool, 30 times more leather, and 32 times more firearms.
The South produced less than 10% of the nation’s manufactured goods.
If American capitalism relied on slavery. our economy would have TANKED after the slaves were freed. Instead, we became the most prosperous economy on earth.
We had racism. in 1954, only 4% of Americans approved of interracial marriage. But in 2021, 94% approved! Racism was dying – but Marxists are performing CPR to keep it alive.
Because they can’t divide us by class, they work hard to divide us by skin color.
We elected a “Person of Color” as President – TWICE – and we now have a “Person of Color” as Vice President. So stop believing the Marxist lies.

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