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Maybe Trump Should Have Burned Down a Restaurant

Here’s the message coming out of Georgia: If you’re unhappy with police, just burn down a restaurant.
Never mind the $2 million to rebuild it. Never mind all the lives it disrupts. If you are upset that cops
shot and killed a man who was pointing a weapon at them, then do it.
That’s what Chisom Kingston and Natalie White did in 2020. It was arson in the first degree, but they
copped a guilty plea deal, got a $500 fine, five years of probation, and 150 hours of community service.
That’s it.
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis thought the sentence was fair. She said, “It sends a message
that we are a community that supports protesting.”
Oh? Does it?
What about the patriots who stood on the capitol steps a few years back – committing no violence and
breaking no laws – who are now political prisoners in solitary confinement? Didn’t they have a right to
Fani Willis, by the way, is the same young lady who filed felony charges against Donald Trump for
wanting a fair election.
Maybe if Trump was going to protest he should have just burned down a restaurant.
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