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Methodists Worry About Offending Everyone But God

The Methodist Church in the United Kingdom has released an “Inclusive Church Language Guide” urging parishioners to avoid using offensive words.

To be clear, they’re not talking about the N-word or F-bombs.

In the Methodist Church, the words “husband” and “wife” are now listed as offensive. Church members are supposed to say “partner,” instead. Also offensive are the words “mom” or dad,” or “son” or “daughter.”

The idea is to not offend non-binary individuals.

The church has also emphasized the need for clergy to apologize for “past harm caused to marginalized groups.”

The universal standard to which Christians should strive was outlined by God, and God clearly states that certain behaviors are offensive to Him.

I’m curious why the church doesn’t seem to be concerned about offending God.

I have sympathy for people addicted to behaviors offensive to God, but Scripture is pretty clear: Jesus wants people to grow up, and that includes getting past their lusts – not celebrating them.


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