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Migrants Are Overwhelming Healthcare Systems – Better Call Fauci

The team propping up White House Occupant Biden continues to ignore our nation’s immigration laws. One ripple effect? Health Care Systems are paying the price.
For instance, New York City’s healthcare system is crumbling under the weight of thousands of illegal migrants. Hospitals and medical centers all across the city are completely overwhelmed by what’s been described as “hordes of migrants” swarming healthcare facilities by the thousands.
In the past year alone, New York’s medical centers report nearly 30,000 visits from “undocumented” individuals.
Meanwhile, actual American citizens are having to wait months to receive care, as illegal migrants seem to be taking top priority.
Not only is this causing a strain on the healthcare system, legal US taxpayers are footing the bill for all of it, whether directly or indirectly.
Time will tell if New York City’s healthcare system can survive this.
Maybe they should call Anthony Fauci and ask him to lock everything down for a couple weeks. You know – flatten the curve.

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