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No Need to Apologize for a Christmas Tree

Recently an Oregon high school apologized after a Christmas tree triggered a resident who said the display was not inclusive of other religions. 

The guy said, “Our understanding is that number one, there’s a separation of church and state, and that number two, it seemed very exclusionary of a lot of people who don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Does it now? First, I can cite court case after court case in which the Supreme Court said this is a Christian nation.

See Updegraph v The Commonwealth; The People v Ruggles; Vidal v Girard’s Exectutors, 1844; Commonwealth v Abner Kneeland, 1838; John McCreery’s Lessee v Allender, 1799; Runkel v Winemiller, 1799; + 13 more

Second, it seems this resident is clueless about the First Amendment, which says Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion – which, at the time of our founding, meant “denomination.”  It doesn’t say anything about schools putting up Christmas trees. It simply says Congress shall make no law establishing a national denomination. No such law has been made, therefore no constitution has been violated. 

Third, when schools celebrate pride month, isn’t that exclusionary to the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe that homosexuality is a sin?  Why isn’t this guy complaining about that?

Merry Christmas, everyone. 


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