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No Proficiency Tests? Irresponsible at Best

The overarching purpose of any State Board of Education is to ensure students receive a quality education.
Well, when the COVID fiasco came upon us, the State Board in Oregon eliminated the requirement for high school students to prove proficiency in Math and English in order to graduate.
That was supposed to be for two years, but the Oregon State Board just extended that policy for the next five years.
Parents aren’t exactly happy with this. However, In the name of social progress, the State Board claims schools rely too heavily on standardized tests – and that the tests are burdensome and misapplied.
Read a little deeper – if you’re able – and we see the Board believes that proficiency tests are unfair to students of color because students from minority backgrounds tend to struggle to meet the state’s proficiency standards.
We’re talking about assessments that show whether students can read, write, and do math.
Saying students have graduated – and sending them into the world without verifying these skills – is irresponsible, at best.

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