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Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Well, the Middle East is at a boiling point. The U.S. is currently sending a full-scale armada, Russia is deploying MiG-31 aircraft with hypersonic missiles, and China is dispatching naval vessels to the area, as well.
Naturally, the Israelis maintain an overwhelming force to deter adversaries.
With an inept puppet occupying the White House, China, Russia, and some Gulf States are in a frenzy of diplomacy to contain the conflict. However, this convergence of military might could easily escalate tensions. One ill-timed or ill-advised move by any of the gathering forces could have far-reaching implications, and any move to resolve the conflict could have the reverse effect – and lead to a major war.
According to Alastair Crooke:
“… the Camp David peace treaty, the Oslo peace accords, the Abraham Accords … The whole thing could go up in flames.”
Like any armed conflict, amongst the facts we’re hearing are also rumors and propaganda.
If you ask me, one of our main jobs is found Psalm 122: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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