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turkish earthquake devastation – firstforia for 2-7-23

Today’s Stories: Turkish Earthquakes kill thousands Balloon Recovery in Progress Biden State of the Union Show Another Egg Farm Fire Project Veritas Gets Pfizer Memo AI Seinfeld Gets Canceled

China Spy Balloon Shot Down! firstforia for 2-6-23

Today’s stories: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down Trump Says China Has Spies in US Actress Melinda Dillion Died Catholic School Suspended Student For Believing Two Genders Unholy Grammy Awards

Chinese Spy Balloon Spotted Over US! – first foria for 2-3-23

Today’s Stories: Chinese Observation Balloon Spotted over Montana America Hating Omar Removed From Committee Bill Condemming Communism Voted Against by Democrats GM Pays Netflix to Push EV’s Masks Preferred by the Unattractive

Biden Regime Ends COVID Emergency plus more news 1-31-23

firstforia’s top stories: Biden Lifts COVID Emergency WHY? Federal Workers Will Have to Show Up Poll: America is On the Wrong Track Cindy Williams Dead Bobby Hull Dies Arizona Regime Targets Kari Lake Pro-Life Counselor Not Guilty

firstforia for 1-30-23

TODAY’S TOP STORIES: Biden Edges US Closer to WWIII McCarthy Says No Social Security Cuts More Morticians Find White Clots Lisa Loring Dies Motown Songwriter Dies Huge Egg Farm Fire Will Increase Prices More SuperBowl 57 Tickets CRAZY AI Takes… Read More »firstforia for 1-30-23