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Is Hillary in Heat?

If there’s one thing globalists/totalitarians are good at, it’s fearmongering. Let’s listen to Hillary Clinton spew manufactured numbers designed to manipulate our minds:  Hillary Clinton:  The deaths that are related to climate, by far the biggest killer is extreme heat. … Read More »Is Hillary in Heat?

Idalia Hits Florida – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Idalia Hits Florida Hungarian Prime Minister Praises Trump There is a Tape That Will Bring Biden Down? CDC issues New Guidelines

55 Million Phones Were – and May Still Be – Monitored by the CDC

, the data collected allowed to CDC to identify a specific individual’s behavior. They could map out a person’s specific route from place to place to place, they could tell if neighbors were getting together, and they knew when people crossed state lines – and whether those people adhered to a state’s quarantine policies. How soon we have forgotten about all the draconian restrictions.