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Record Labor Day Gas Prices – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Labor Day Gas Prices at Historic High Kemp Won’t Call Special Session Trump Trial Will Be Broadcast The Biden. The Gaffes. The Hilarity. Download MP3

McConnell Freezes Again! – firstforia

Today’s Stories: McConnell Freezes Again Trump Posts 31 Videos in 4 hours Giuliani Guilty Because FBI Took Evidence 5 Million Bees Dropped on Road Download MP3

Idalia Hits Florida – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Idalia Hits Florida Hungarian Prime Minister Praises Trump There is a Tape That Will Bring Biden Down? CDC issues New Guidelines


Today’s Stories: Trump Arrested, Mugshot Released The Biden Uses it as Fundraiser Trump-less Debate Ratings Low Man Breaks Record for Eating Vomit Inducing Fish

TRUMP – firstforia

Today’s Stories: The Republican Debate – Who Won? Trump and Tucker Trump Will Turn Himself In Today Waffle Day!

Team Trump Moves – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Trump Team Proposes 2026 Trial Date Trump to Other Republican Candidates: Drop Out Newt Speaks Truth Project Veritas Lays Off Staff Now You Can Tour San Francisco Squalor

Fake Names Creepy Joe? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Biden Used a Pseudonym in Ukraine Airline Pilot Dies Mid Flight Creepy Joe Speaks. It’s Creepy. Sound of Freedom Earns More Than Indiana Jones A Fishy Power Outage