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NOBODY DID IT! – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: Nobody Did it! Wray Can’t Define “Disinformation” The Bidenspeak Strikes Again Iconic Brewery to Close After 127 Years Can Men Get Pregnant?

A Democrat at the Border? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: What? A Democrat Says We Have a Border Crisis? FBI Caves to House Pressure in Biden Probe Pat Cooper Dies Pat Robertson Dies OU Softball Team Reason for 51 Game Streak

FBI Protecting Biden Crime Family? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: FBI Protecting Biden Crime Family Corruption You Might Pay Double at the Pump This Summer… Nikki Haley Says a Vote for Biden is a Vote for Harris Sesame Street Grooming Your Kids

DeSantis to Announce – firstforia

Today’s Stories: DeSantis to Enter Race Today Biden Regime Crushes Whistlebowers Terrifying: Biden’s Got Your Back Library Book Returned After 100 Years

FBI is Weaponized! – firstforia

Today’s Stories: WhistleBlowers: FBI is Weaponized MTG Files Articles of Impeachment Most Expensive Ice Cream