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Record Labor Day Gas Prices – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Labor Day Gas Prices at Historic High Kemp Won’t Call Special Session Trump Trial Will Be Broadcast The Biden. The Gaffes. The Hilarity. Download MP3

More Banks Crashing – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: More Banks Crashing – Federal Reserve: All is Well Biden High Crimes Fox News Ratings Collapse It’s Star Wars Day!

Louisville Shooting – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: Louisville Shooter Livestreamed It Biden Ends COVID Emergency Biden WAS Involved in Trump Raid High Egg Prices Equals HUGE profits Bidenflation: Stamps to Go Up The Cesspool That is Politics

Ukraine War Marks One Year – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Ukraine War Marks One Year Anniversary Buttigieg Finally Visits East Palestine Winter Storm Knocks Out Power Weinstein Gets More Prison Time Home Values Drop Jean-Pierre Freudian Slip?

another biden scandal – firstforia 2-16-23

Today’s Stories: Another Biden Scandal Documents Siezed Raquel Welch Dies Stop Eating to Fight Inflation Christian Teacher Fired For Faith UnJabbed Dating App Racist Animals!