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Supreme Court Landmarks – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Supremes Issue Landmark Decisions Third Day For French Riots Actor Alan Arkin Dies What’s THAT in the Hallway?

Ukraine Dam Bombed – firstforia

Today’s Stories: A Dam in Ukraine Has Been Bombed Where Will They Go? Not in My Back Yard! Pride Backlash D-Day Anniversary

FBI Protecting Biden Crime Family? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: FBI Protecting Biden Crime Family Corruption You Might Pay Double at the Pump This Summer… Nikki Haley Says a Vote for Biden is a Vote for Harris Sesame Street Grooming Your Kids

Biden Falls – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Senate Democrats Approve Debt Deal Trump and DeSantis React to Biden Fall Trump Increases Lead in Latest Poll Now, It’s Petsmart

Kari Lake Suit dismissed – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Judge Drops Kari Lake Lawsuit Why We Have the Debt Ceiling Mess Senator Tim Scott Announces Run DeSantis Ready? The Reason Tucker Is Out State Department Triggered!

Another One…firstforia

Today’s Stories: 2nd Biggest Bank Failure in History California Outlaws Diesel Trucks BTO Founder Dies You Go, “Girls”

Another Bank Failure? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Another Bank Failure? Trump May Not Debate Drop Everything. IT’S LESBIAN VISIBILITY WEEK! Dems Want to Let All LGBTQ Illegals Free Mojave Max Emerges!

RFK Jr. To Run Against Biden – firstforia

Today’s Stories: RFK Jr. to Run Against Biden Bill Introduced to Return US to Gold Standard Biden Spends Tax Money to Translate Gay Dictionary More Words You Cannot Use!