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Kari Lake Suit dismissed – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Judge Drops Kari Lake Lawsuit Why We Have the Debt Ceiling Mess Senator Tim Scott Announces Run DeSantis Ready? The Reason Tucker Is Out State Department Triggered!

Debt Ceiling Impasse? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Debt Ceiling Talks to Continue? Senator Josh Hawley: Trans Shoved Down Kids Throats Insane Chanting by Nebraska Senator

RFK Jr. Runs Against Biden – firstforia

Today’s Stories: RFK Jr. Runs Against Biden Republicans Proposal to Raise Debt Ceiling Fetterman Returns to Senate “Woman” Threatens NOT a “Dream for All”

MOScow responds – firstforia for 2-2-23

Today’s Stories: Moscow Responds Vindictive McConnell Removes Opponents McCarthy Meets With Biden Feds Raise Interest Rate Hunter Biden Says Laptop Is His Women Athletes Speak Out Tom Brady Retires Groundhog Day

Biden Regime Ends COVID Emergency plus more news 1-31-23

firstforia’s top stories: Biden Lifts COVID Emergency WHY? Federal Workers Will Have to Show Up Poll: America is On the Wrong Track Cindy Williams Dead Bobby Hull Dies Arizona Regime Targets Kari Lake Pro-Life Counselor Not Guilty

firstforia for 1-30-23

TODAY’S TOP STORIES: Biden Edges US Closer to WWIII McCarthy Says No Social Security Cuts More Morticians Find White Clots Lisa Loring Dies Motown Songwriter Dies Huge Egg Farm Fire Will Increase Prices More SuperBowl 57 Tickets CRAZY AI Takes… Read More »firstforia for 1-30-23

firstforia for 1-25-23

TODAY’S TOP STORIES: Pence Has Classified Documents Too Trump Leads in Polls McCarthy Flushes Schiff Predictable Feinstein Wants to Ban Guns Hawley Introduces PELOSI Act DirecTV Drops Newsmax Chick-fil-A Honors God