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firstforia for 1-26-23

TODAY’S TOP STORIES: Pfizer Employee Spills Beans Pelosi Bodycam Footage to be Released Pompeo Says Schiff Leaks 70’s Teen Hearthrob Lance Kerwin Dies Razor Blades on Gas Pump Handles Zip a Dee Doo No More

firstforia for 1-25-23

TODAY’S TOP STORIES: Pence Has Classified Documents Too Trump Leads in Polls McCarthy Flushes Schiff Predictable Feinstein Wants to Ban Guns Hawley Introduces PELOSI Act DirecTV Drops Newsmax Chick-fil-A Honors God

firstforia for 1-23-23

TODAY’S TOP STORIES: California Mass Shooting Atlanta Riot More Classified Documents Found at Biden’s Home Silk Describes Diamond’s Last Moments New Moderna mRNA Injection Elon Musk Describes Jab Reaction Rassmussen Poll Dilbert Cartoonist Changes Mind on Jab Alec Baldwin Movie… Read More »firstforia for 1-23-23