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supreme court

Supreme Court Landmarks – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Supremes Issue Landmark Decisions Third Day For French Riots Actor Alan Arkin Dies What’s THAT in the Hallway?

Court Ends Affirmative Action – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Supreme Court Ends Affirmative Action Weekend Travel Delays, Cancellations Snarl Airports Human Remains Found in Titanic Sub The End for National Geographic

Biden Targets Political enemies – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: Biden Regime Targets Political Enemies Supreme Court Slashes EPA’s Power The North Face – The latest WOKE Casualty Nuclear Power in Finland – Too Cheap?

firstforia for 1-20-23

TODAY’S TOP STORIES: Alec Baldwin Criminally Charged David Crosby Dies Supreme Court Leaker Not Found Amazon Smiles No More LGBT Court Loss Dungy Deletes Cat Tweet T