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Trump Indicted – Reaction – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Trump Indicted on Federal Charges Documents Prove Biden Corruption to Congress Journalist Says I Love You to Radio Host on the Air

Biden Falls – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Senate Democrats Approve Debt Deal Trump and DeSantis React to Biden Fall Trump Increases Lead in Latest Poll Now, It’s Petsmart

Deal or No Deal? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Debt Deal or No Deal? Trump Will End Birthright Citizenship Senior Prank Puts School Up For Sale

DeSantis Makes Glitchy Announcement – firstforia

Today’s Stories: DeSantis Is In Poll Shows Trump Way Ahead of DeSantis Tina Turner Passes Away You Can Buy Biden For 5 Million Don’t Eat the Last Hot Pocket or I’ll Shoot!

Border INVASION – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Border Surge: Title 42 Set to Expire Biden Poll Numbers Dismal Hotel Toe Sucking

Another Bank Failure? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Another Bank Failure? Trump May Not Debate Drop Everything. IT’S LESBIAN VISIBILITY WEEK! Dems Want to Let All LGBTQ Illegals Free Mojave Max Emerges!