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McConnell Freezes Again! – firstforia

Today’s Stories: McConnell Freezes Again Trump Posts 31 Videos in 4 hours Giuliani Guilty Because FBI Took Evidence 5 Million Bees Dropped on Road Download MP3

Fake Names Creepy Joe? – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Biden Used a Pseudonym in Ukraine Airline Pilot Dies Mid Flight Creepy Joe Speaks. It’s Creepy. Sound of Freedom Earns More Than Indiana Jones A Fishy Power Outage

Lahaina Death Toll Rises – firstforia

Today’s Stories: Maui Fire Death Toll Rises COVID Jabs May Cause Rapid Onset Dementia Impeachment Resolution Filed Against Joe Bribe-den WHAT is in the Toilet?

Trans Violence – Firstforia

Today’s Stories: Trans Militant Movement Urges Violence Biden Not in Charge of Anything Rand Paul: Fauci Lied School Principal Scammed $100,000

another biden scandal – firstforia 2-16-23

Today’s Stories: Another Biden Scandal Documents Siezed Raquel Welch Dies Stop Eating to Fight Inflation Christian Teacher Fired For Faith UnJabbed Dating App Racist Animals!

train wreck disaster – firstforia 2-15-23

Today’s Stories: Train Derailment Disaster Will Be Felt for Years Biden Corruption Leads to Secret Chinese Money Elon Says No One World Government Damar Hamlin Interview Biden is Best White House Communicator

Michigan State Shooting – Haley Runs – Firstforia 2-14-23

Today’s Stories: Michigan State Shooter Kills 3 Haley Runs New Data Shows COVID Shots Increase Death French Historian Says WWIII Has Begun Noem Bans Minor Gender Transition Seattle Schools Valentine’s Day “Gifts” for Ex’s