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$1,200 Monthly for Free – You Just Need to be Trans in San Francisco

Would you like some free money? Like, $1,200 a month?
Well it’s yours!
All you have to do is be a low-income resident of San Francisco and be trans.
It’s called the Guaranteed Income for Trans People — or GIFT — Program
And for some reason — someone sent me an application.
Well … not being trans, I’m guessing they wanted me to make a public service announcement, so here goes:
If you want to apply to for the GIFT program you can contact Lyon Martin Community Health … they say they will assist you in filling out the application if you call them … or … send an email.
You have 2 and a half pages of gender identities to choose from, and a half page of sexual orientation options. But guess what – if you don’t know … it’s okay. You can just mark “Don’t Know.”
$1,200 of free money each month … just call or email to get help filling out your application today.
By the way – if you know where all this free money comes from, let me know.

(415) 213-1717

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