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The Government is Illegally Collecting Data on You

Imagine a government collecting data on its citizens without their knowledge or consent.
Sounds a little creepy. And a lot Communist. Yet it’s happening. In America. Today.
It’s likely a violation of our fourth amendment, which says our papers and effects can’t be searched without a warrant, and only then upon probable cause.
According to a report appearing in Wired, our government has been secretly acquiring a large amount of sensitive data on American citizens from third-party providers.
That’s right.
People in our intelligence agencies say because they can buy the information, they can track us without a warrant.
That’s a leap of logic.
And what data are they collecting? Location-tracking data on your smartphones, your browsing history, and much more.
They tell us there’s no worries, because the data is anonymized, but it can be easily deanonymized.
All it takes is some government employee who doesn’t like your politics, and in no time your whole world can go sideways.
This data could easily be used for nefarious purposes such as blackmail, stalking, harassment, and public shaming.

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