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UK’s “Lockdown Files” Expose Draconian Gov’t Scheming, Could Lead to Criminal Charges

Twitter Files, move aside. News out of the U.K. has revealed massive lying and purposeful fearmongering by British Government officials, guilting and terrorizing people into complying with the country’s massive lockdown measures during Covid.

After the leak of 10,000 WhatsApp messages were made public, former British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been accused by Alison Pearson, a columnist for the Daily Telegraph, of misusing power and “science” with the specific purpose of terrifying people to the point of mental and even physical suffering. Pearson is now calling for Hancock to be arrested for his crimes. The U.K. Government has not yet responded to the demand.

According to the RAIR Foundation, the WhatsApp message leak showed Hancock chatting with an advisor to the Department of Health, saying, “We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain,” and said the state should “deploy the variant of the virus to maximize impact and best fight off anti-lockdown elements within both the Tory Party and Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper.”

In response to reading what Hancock said, Pearson wrote, “Even at the height of World War II, Government never used propaganda to frighten its own people. This lot did. Kids killed themselves, and mental health collapsed. Unforgivable, Matt Hancock should be arrested for willful misconduct in public office.”

Pearson is referring to the huge spike in suicides and calls to suicide hotlines when governments were busy spreading fear.

In the United States, many have called for former NIAID Director Anthony Fauci to be prosecuted for his lies and actions during the Covid scare. Fauci openly called for lockdowns before denying that he called for lockdowns. Democrats have quickly run to defend the now-retired corrupt Fauci.