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What do the Files on JFK and Seth Rich Have in Common?

If it seems like the powers-that-be are hiding information from us, it’s because they are.

All remaining files about President Kennedy’s assassination were supposed to be released by now.  They haven’t been.   The official narrative remains that a lone gunman was responsible. If the Warren report was true, why haven’t all the files have been released by now?  What are they hiding? 

And did you know the FBI verified the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop in November of 2019 – a year before the election? Yet come election time, more than 50 former CIA directors, acting directors, and senior intelligence officers signed a letter stating the laptop had all the earmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. Isn’t it interesting that they issued that letter AFTER the FBI had verified the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden? Why would they deceive the people? What were they hiding? 

And remember Seth Rich? He was a Democratic National Committee staffer who sent damning information to Wikileaks (despite all the statements claiming that’s been “debunked”). Rich was shot dead during a “robbery” in 2016. The FBI was ordered to release his laptop in 2022, but they still haven’t done it. In fact, the FBI said they should be given 66 years to release the content of Rich’s laptop. What are they hiding? 

Well, here at the end of 2023, a Texas judge has told the FBI they have two weeks to turn over all documentation regarding Seth Rich’s work.  Will they, or will Seth Rich’s computer get hidden away, the same as those JFK files? 

What are they hiding?

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