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What Electric Cars Are Doing to the Electric Grid

Globalists want 50% of vehicles to be electric by 2030. Joe Biden even issued an executive order for that. Except 4,000 auto dealers are saying that mandate is unachievable. Despite subsidies and tax credits, only 7% of new vehicle sales are electric. People don’t want to charge their car for hours just to drive 250 miles. 

Ironically, there’s a huge environmental impact.  


I’m consuming roughly 137 kW [per hour]. 

But to put this into perspective: 

An average home consumes 1.25 kW per hour. 

135 kW per hour?  

It’s like the equivalent of 106 homes on the grid – just this one station.  

Power companies already want remote control of thermostats to prevent brownouts. But it’ll be fine to increase the number of electric cars from 7% to 50%?  On what planet? 

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