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Why is the US Navy no longer the dominant force?

Forty years ago, Ronald Reagan set a goal to have a 600-ship navy. That goal was almost met. At its peak, the U.S. had the most dominant Naval force in the world, with more than 590 ships.  Yours truly was proud to be serving in the Navy at that time.

But with so many globalists sitting in the oval office, today our fleet is only about half that size.

China, on the other hand, has been quite busy.  Operating with under 300 ships in the 80’s, today they have a battle force of more than 780 ships. And, we know they can build ships MUCH faster than us.

China plans to add 400 more ships in the next six years … America plans on only 60 more.

Research on naval wars shows that nearly 90% of the time, the country with the largest fleet wins.

At this point, the age of American Naval Dominance is over.

You know, our Navy spends a lot of time on being woke.

Maybe they should focus on defending our country – and building more ships.

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